Distributions in Synapse:

Partitions in Synapse:

Delete stale data from partitions in Synapse:

Polybase — What you need basically:

Storage Account Types:

Cosmos APIs:

Consistency Level Cosmos:

Cosmos DB RU:

Cosmos Partition Optimization:

Azure DB Types:

Azure DB Purchase Models:

Azure DB Service Tiers:

Azure SQL Backup

Azure SQL Backup

Azure DB Scheduling:

Azure SQL Data Sync:

Types of monitoring:

Azure Storage monitoring:

Azure SQL Logs:

Azure SQL Autotuning:

Azure SQL Data Masking:

Database Sharding:

Databricks Clusters:

Databricks with ADL to DW:

HDFS System:


SQL Table Optimization:


ADF Monitoring:

Streaming Windowing Functions:

Streaming Analytics Setting up

Azure Log Analitycs

Other Topics:



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Cássio Bolba

Cássio Bolba


Data Engineer expat in Germany. Share a bit of my knowledge in data domain.